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Using Thermos® Products at Home

Of course, Thermos® products are great when you're planning on going on a trip (especially one where you'll be outdoors a lot), but Thermo®s products can be used just as much at home, too. Here are a few Thermos® products that are ideal for food and drink storage, and even home organization that you'll want to try at home-even if you don't plan on taking them on the road.

The Executive Desk Organizer Set with JHM400 Tumbler
If you have a home office, you'll definitely want to look into purchasing the Executive Desk Organizer Set from Thermos®. You can store small office supplies with the organizer (i.e. Post-it notes, paperclips, staples), and the organizer comes with a JMH400 tumbler that you can fill with coffee or tea. The organizer also comes with a desk clock and a place for 4x6 photos, so you can make sure that you're on time for appointments, and keep pictures of your loved ones on your desk.

The Thermos Nissan™ Bottle Chiller
If you're planning on having a get-together at your home sometime soon, the Thermos Nissan™ Bottle Chiller is definitely a good investment. Just about any size bottle can fit in the chiller, and the ice pack is re-freezable, so you can use it as many times as you need to keep your bottle cold, and you don't have to worry about the wet ring that surrounds most bottle chillers. The bottle chiller is mad of stainless steel, which gives it a classic look, so you can feel comfortable using it for any event.

Thermos Nissan™ Stainless Steel Thermal Cookware
If you make lots of soups and stews, or are looking for new recipes, the Thermal Cookware system may be a good buy. The cookware comes in Thermos' patented vacuum insulated container, which can keep foods hot or cold for up to 8 hours. Vegetables and fruits can also be prepared in the Thermal cookware, and won't lose color or nutrients in the steaming process. The Thermal cookware also does not require an additional source of heat, so it's very energy efficient, and you can use it anywhere. You'll also receive a cookbook when you purchase the Thermal cookware, so that you can find out which recipes are best to prepare.

If you've tried Thermos® products in the past, you know the quality of Thermos®, and the convenience of having reliable food storage, whether you're on your way to work, or packing up for a trip across the country. You may even want to try a few smaller items from Thermos®, such as coffee mugs or beverage bottles for cold drinks, to test out the convenience and quality of Thermos® items before purchasing bigger items. And, with the new, sophisticated look of Thermos® products, you can feel comfortable using these products in your kitchen, even when you have guests over.