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Thermos Element 5®

To get a mental picture of the Element 5® Thermos line, think of extremes - snow-covered mountain peaks, blasting wind, crashing waves, torrential rain - then picture the Thermos standing up to all of those elements, unafraid, unbreakable and unmatched in strength and durability. Seriously. That is Element 5®.

Don't waste your time on a run-of-the-mill beverage tumbler that will ultimately crack and leak and rarely ever keeps your liquids warm.

Thermos Element 5 Food Jar, 16 Oz [E30500]
Thermos Element 5 Food Jar, 16 Oz

Original Price:$34.99
Now Only: $29.99

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Thermos Element 5 Travel Mug, 16 Oz [E10500]
Thermos Element 5 Travel Mug, 16 Oz

Original Price:$40.99
Now Only: $34.99

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Thermos Element 5 Hydration Bottle, 22 Oz [E40600]
Thermos Element 5 Hydration Bottle, 22 Oz

Original Price:$45.99
Now Only: $39.99

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The Element 5 series from Thermos is the Hummer of beverage containers. It's no surprise given Thermos' market domination and innovative approach to product design. This is the Thermos they wish they had on "Survivor," and the only Thermos that can stand up to a trip-around-the-world on "The Amazing Race."

Element 5 containers can withstand the harshest elements. This Thermos brand is so versatile that you can take it with you on your trek up Mount Everest and then carry it to work everyday to keep your soup warm.

Who uses the Element 5?

Thermos' Element 5 isn't just for extreme athletes and adventure junkies. It's for moms on the go, dads, kids, grandparents, corporate and even social climbers who are only into appearances. Why?

Because it's the best.

Why it's the best

The Element 5 beverage bottle is outfitted with double-wall vacuum insulation. This double wall serves a dual purpose - to ensure the tumbler will not crack or break and to maximize temperature retention. No doubt this Thermos will keep hot liquids piping hot and cold liquids cold - for up to 24 hours.

It is 100% leak-proof. It is stainless steel, inside and out, giving it extra protection against leaks in addition to a sleek appearance.

It's hassle-free. You can take it wherever you go. It is lightweight, has a leak-proof pour stopper and comes outfitted with a stainless steel carrying loop with a caribiner for easy portability. Attach it to your backpack or your diaper bag and hit the road.

It's built to last. Smack it around, it can take it! It's able to absorb shock. The Element 5's rubberized base gives it maximum stability and footing, reinforcing its ability to withstand all of the elements, and then some!

We offer a complete line of Thermos® Element 5 products including Mugs, Tumblers, Vacuum bottles and Food Jars. Shop online and save!