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Tips for Cleaning your Thermos®

If you've recently purchased any type of Thermos® products, you'll want to know how to keep your Food Jars and drinking utensils clean for as long as possible. But, what if the cleaning agents you've been using haven't been working as well as you'd hoped? Here are some suggestions you may want to try for cleaning your Thermos® products that will keep your utensils looking as good as new for as long as possible.

First of all, use the gentlest cleanser possible for your Thermos® products, especially those made of stainless steel. Harsh, abrasive cleaners and scrubbers can tarnish Food Jars and drink containers, and could even begin to change the flavor of stored foods after a while. A dishwashing detergent or gentle all-purpose cleanser or soap that is safe for dishes should be sufficient (i.e. Joy, Dawn). If you have to use an abrasive pad, make sure that it's made out of plastic so that it won't scrape the inside of the product, and scrub lightly.

Cleaning your Thermos® products will also be much easier if you clean after every use. If you've prepared a meal for a Food Jar, soak the jar for a few minutes before cleaning to remove any food residue that you may have difficulty removing with a washcloth. If you want to clean certain stains off of food containers, a soft toothbrush may do the trick; dip the brush in a little bit of detergent and gently scrub the rim and bottom of the cup to remove residue. Many people also use gentle baby's soap or hypo-allergenic laundry detergent along with or instead of dishwashing detergent to clean Thermos® products, because it preserves the shine of a Food Jar or mug, and can remove food easily.

Cleaning smudges or fingerprints from your stainless steel Thermos® products is easy as well, since most smudges will come out by using slightly damp paper towel or a sponge. For extremely stubborn stains, try soaking the Thermos® product in warm water with detergent for a little while longer, then rinse again with water and vinegar or water and phosphoric acid. This helps to remove stubborn food stains like grape juice, tomato, and coffee stains. Soaking Thermos® products with warm water and baking soda, or even ammonia in some cases will get rid of tough stains.

These stainless steel cleaning tips should work on any Thermos® product, as well as larger stainless steel cookware like pots, pans, and Crock Pots. To find out more about Thermos® products and how you can purchase stainless steel utensils that you'll be able to use for years to come, visit the Thermos® pages of The Gourmet Kitchen website to find out more about Thermos® products and their uses-you'll find food storage containers for everyday use or vacation time, so whether you're packing up the kids' lunch for school or planning a camping trip, you'll find a product from Thermos® that will meet your needs-and you'll know just how to keep it clean.